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Several activities are available in the surroundings of the Nid d’Iroise, either visits or sport activities !


Yachting : You could practice different activities like paddling or sand yachting

Le golf des abers

Le golf de Brest les Abers

The golf course of the Abers in Plouarzel
La récré des 3 curés

La récré des 3 curés

Enjoy a park of 15 hectares.. with 35 attractions !


An aquarium of 9000m² with three different areas: the tropical one, the polar one and the Britton one

Hiking paths

Like the GR34 which goes along the briton coast over 2000km

Fort de berthaume (ropes)

A castle in plougonvelin where you can ropes

Visits and landscapes

The Briton coast is known for its authentic landscapes and its wilderness.



The first ketch port of Europe and authentic village

The village of Meneham in Kerlouan

A fisher village restored by the Compagnons du Tour de France
pointe du corsen

La pointe du Corsen

The end of the world: the peak of the coast at the western part of France ( Naturist beach )

La pointe Saint-Mathieu

With its lighthouse into which it is possible to climb, the ruins of the ancient abbey

The island of Ouessant and the island of Molène

You can have access to it by boat with the company Finist'mer

The Kerloas menhir

The Kerloas menhir of 10M high in plouarzel


Several restaurants and crêperies are proposing their gastronomy skills in a .. of 3 kilometers. The landlord will advise you when you’ll arrive.

à Melon

O'Porsmeur in Porspoder

An atypical pub-restaurant located in front of the sea
Ty Breizh à Prospoder

Ty Breizh in Prospoder

The best of fishing in Porspoder

Le Chenal in Prospoder

A library-restaurant located in Melon
Les Chardons Bleus, à Porspoder

Les Chardons Bleus in Porspoder

A crêperie-restaurant in Porspoder
Ty Gwechall, à Porspoder

Ty Gwechall in Porspoder

A crêperie in Porspoder

Le gulf Stream à Lanildut

A crêperie in Lanildut

Programme of the celebrations, markets, weather…:

Information at the tourism office : www.iroise-bretagne.bzh/evenements

Weather: www.iroise-bretagne.bzh/infos-pratiques/meteo